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Introducing . . .

Readings from Erica

Get guidance about your everyday life issues: relationship questions, job questions, wellbeing questions and more with intuitive readings.

What to Expect

Because of Covid-19, all readings are currently held virtually online or over the phone.  So you can enjoy receiving personal guidance from the privacy of your own home. When it is safe, readings can be held in person and can involve psychometry, reading the energy from physical objects like jewelry, a watch or keys.


Readings are about any issue you need guidance on in your life.


Your readings are delivered with love and compassion.


I connect with Source, Your Guides, and Angels for messages.


Tremendous relief and reduction of stress can be expected.

Book a Reading Today!

Schedule a reading today and get a $20 discount coupon for your next reading. 

I found Erica’s reading to be very accurate and insightful.  I got the information that I needed and she helped me to make some big decisions too.  I learned what I could do to change the situation and make it better.  When I took her advice, it changed everything for the better.  I am so grateful to you Erica!  I can’t wait for our next reading.

Wendy Williams